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Pokémon cards are more than just collections of images. They allow people to experience the world of Pokémon through a mix of trading, collecting and battling. In addition to being collectors’ items for adults & kids who love all things Pokémon, these colourful cardboard squares also serve as playing pieces in card games both competitive and casual – something that’s been going on since pre-schoolers took up battles with one another back when it was first introduced 20 years ago!

Back in the 1990s, Pokemon became an overnight hit when manga series was introduced into Japan followed by anime introduction worldwide. It has expanded from cartoons featuring magical creatures such as Pikachu; now there is video game production like Pokken Tournament DX or Detective Pikachu movie releases alongside figures among other merchandising including

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Pokemon cards are currently manufactured by The Pokemon Company International®

Why is Pokemon so damn popular?

Pokemon cards are so popular because they provide an interactive experience for the player. The game requires strategy and skill to win, which allows a person’s logic skills to be put on display. Additionally, it is not just one of those games where you can go through all forty card decks before getting bored with them; there are new expansions released every year or two that keep things fresh while still retaining some similarities from past sets. Furthermore, Pokemon appeals to adults as well since many of these newer releases have been designed more simplistic than other trading card games like Magic: The Gathering–and thus aren’t off-putting in terms of complexity and difficulty level when trying something new out at their friend’s house after work!